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“Let’s Get Rowdy” is a party song.

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It’s one of those tunes that you can’t stop humming along to — more so after my 16-hour day on the set of the video shoot with Aaron Pritchett, Mitch Merrett, and Mike Sanyshyn. It was a long and rewarding day of filming. A standout was the bass player, who was amazing (Watch for him in the video!). It was very cool of Aaron to ask me to be in their new vid and the final product looks really, really good! Cheers to Colin Minihan…great director. Some familiar faces were also there, from the same wardrobe and make-up crew as Jessie Farrell’s “Let’s Talk About Love” video, to an old friend from high school (Hey Doug!). Seeing all the fans come out to be be extras on short notice was really inspiring. A pat on the back to all persons involved! Wait for it…………..LET’S GET ROWDY!!!


– J-GO

Stills from “Let’s Get Rowdy” (Aaron Pritchett), directed by Colin Minihan. © 604 Records 2008


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