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Life sometimes throws you a hardball.

More on that in a moment.

The last few weeks of August have been a stonking good time (that’s for all the Brits who read my blog). After playing a gig with Aaron Pritchett in Saskatchewan, sandwiched by gigs with Jessie Farrell in Havelock,  ON, and Ayer’s Cliff, QC (I love going to La Belle Province!), I’m now home for the next week until the CCMA’s in Winnipeg. And getting my teaching roster back in order takes a bit of time. But it’s time very well spent.

Now back to the ‘moment’:

About 2 months ago a student (and now good friend) of mine was involved in a very serious road bike accident. Road biking is his lifelong passion. I’m so glad that he’s going to be alright. It could’ve been a helluva lot worse. But he still can’t ride, can’t drive, and has to wear a heavy duty back brace 24/7. Not fun. I hadn’t been able to see him or his awesome son lately due to my heavy summer touring. Well, yesterday I did. So instead of lying around the house, watching TV, whatever injured people usually do, he focused on practicing the drums. I guess it took his mind of the injury and gave him some exercise at the same time. He has excelled SO fast. Couldn’t believe it. He really showed me what resilience and determination mean. Well done MP and your whole family.



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